Bible Aquifer

Global Access to Trustworthy Bible Resources

What is Bible Aquifer?

Imagine a world where everyone has free and unrestricted access to trustworthy Bible translations and biblical resources in a language they understand and illuminates the meaning of the Scriptures in the original languages. Enabling widespread understanding of the Bible and creating trustworthy Bible translations in thousands of languages—this is the vision that drives Bible Aquifer.

Aquifer Resources

The global Church faces a serious challenge. They need unrestricted, high quality, biblical and translational resources to produce trustworthy Bible translations in their own languages. The resources available in the Aquifer meet the needs of teams across the globe, whether they are leading translation teams, creating translations or checking those translations for accuracy.


Curated and available in languages the church understands well.


Released under open licenses, allowing the church to freely use, share, translate and increase the usefulness of the biblical resources.


Interlinked for increased efficiency in navigation and discovery.

How does it work?

The ETEN Innovation Lab created the vision for Aquifer and partnered with BiblioNexus to help bring it to life. Many organizations, such as SRV, Tyndale, UBS,, Biblica, and others, have already released content under an open license so the Global Church can have unrestricted access to these resources. BiblioNexus, with help from Wycliffe Global Partners and others, is actively translating resources with an eye on the ETEN All-Access Goals. This open, translated, and interlinked content is available at no charge, under an open license, via API's that any app may tap. The first of such apps is Bible Well.

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